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Buyers beware
Marc showed me a beautiful house in Port Jefferson Station. My girlfriend and I were excited about it, and prepared to make a deposit.

But Marc insisted on taking CASH for the deposit, rent, and broker's fee (totaling over $5000). Moreover, he refused to show me the lease agreement we were expected to sign until we made such a payment.

He gave no good reason for demanding cash (we offered a cashier's check) or for refusing to show the lease. Marc assured me that this was how he ALWAYS conducted business, and that he did not want to "reinvent the wheel" in orded to accommodate my requests. Those were his words, as if taking a check to the bank and unveiling (what should be) a fairly standard contract constitute reinventions of the wheel. But because he was so rigid, I am forced to assume that Marc is evading taxes or that the lease contains extremely unfavorable/unfair terms.

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